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About Pelican Medication Systems | Surrey BC Canada

Pharmacy support for long-term care and assisted-living facilities is undergoing a transformation. Pelican Medication Systems is helping to make that change smoother. We provide our clients cutting-edge ways to deliver medication to residents in care facilities across Canada. We do it through our carts, medication boxes, laptop holders, and other products. All of them make providing superb care to patients easier, safer, and more affordable. As the industry transitions to newer, smarter solutions, we’re there to support and educate our clients about which tools are best for them. [Learn more…]

Pelican Medication Carts | Langley BC

Carts designed to distribute blister cards are not effective for delivering the new compliance packaged medications. Our medication carts are designed specifically for these new systems. They make it easy to deliver the right medications to the right patient in the most efficient way possible. These ergonomically designed carts are available in 32 and 48-resident configurations. [Learn more…]

Medication Boxes | Pelican Medication Systems | Langley BC Canada

Our medication boxes are sturdy, well-designed, and reusable. They make it easy for your staff to keep the majority of each resident’s weekly compliance-packed medication in one convenient location. In fact, our boxes can also hold additional medications such as PRN, eyedrops, inhalers, and patches. This combination of convenience and safety will allow healthcare workers to distribute medications far more efficiently. [Learn more…]

Laptop Holders | Medication Cards | Pelican Medication Systems

We live in the digital age. Administration records are moving to – often entirely to – electronic databases. That means that staff need to be able to access those records wherever they are. That requires a laptop, and a laptop needs a secure holder if it’s to be coupled with a medication cart. Ours are solid, polished aluminum that mount securely to carts. They can be easily adjusted to reduce physical and visual strain. [Learn more…]